The Fasol Menin cantina has a fascinating if unusual background. It is the product not of winemaking tradition but the dream of two successful business and IT consultants, Silvana and Massimo De Nardo. The couple grew up in these unforgettable hills and, after many years abroad, decided to return and go back to an old family tradition. Like the chameleon they have chosen to symbolise their new adventure, Silvana and Massimo can adapt to any environment so, leaving behind their busy urban lives, they have created their unique winery in the heart of the Valdobbiadene hills. The winery is designed for hospitality with large open spaces and warm wood and brickwork, the perfect place for Silvana and Massimo to host their increasingly popular cultural evenings and events.


This,  alongside their decision to produce Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg, is part of their commitment to promoting the local area and its rich artistic and natural heritage. With pride, passion and a keen sense of ethics, Fasol Menin maintain personal control over the entire production process, applying only the most advanced, eco-friendly technologies. This allows them to guarantee extremely high standards of quality while safeguarding the environment. Silvana and Massimo work hard to communicate their values through their website as well as by personally greeting the many customers who visit the winery. They are building a broad yet close-knit community of people who appreciate not only their products and events but also the efficiency and convenience of their online sales and the transparency which forms the basis of everything they do for and with their customers.


Management: Massimo de Nardo e Silvana Curto

Administration: Silvana Curto

Sales: Silvana und Massimo de Nardo

Vineyards and Winery: Filippo Tosello

Oenologist Enrico Bortolomiol

Agronomist Prof. Diego Tomasi


We speakEnglish, German, French


Total Vineyards: 10 Hectar in the Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadene e Conegliano DOCG Area

Grapes: Prosecco, Bianchetta, Perera e Verdiso


Hights: von 150 bis 250 Meter

Form: Sylvoz, Guyot, Cappuccina