Silvana and Massimo’s unique background has enabled them to create an original communication strategy around the Fasol Menin name. Their philosophy owes much to the open model so popular with wineries in California and Australia but with their own unique prospective, a focus on local art and culture. The winery plays host to events providing a unique opportunity to sample local artists ranging from newly discovered talent to well-known performers.


A stimulating, enjoyable evening filled with great entertainment is guaranteed. A wide variety of events make up the programme including concerts, theatrical performances and literary evenings. Each one is accompanied by a refreshing glass of Prosecco Superiore. Wine and art, hillside art. A range of diverse yet complimentary events where guests can relax and discover the local culture.


Fasol Menin have made this unusual combination the theme of their winery and have chosen to use highly colourful labels for their four wines taken from works by Roberto Bertazzon. This well-known local artist with his unmistakable personality and style has been a part of Silvana and Massimo’s dream from the start. The picture of the chameleon chosen as the symbol of their winery comes from a painting given to the couple by the artist..