Between the majestic Dolomite mountains and the sea with the magnificent canal city of Venice, there is a range of enchanting hills. Here the slopes, some gentle, others very steep, are embroidered with an elegant, luxuriant tapestry of vines. This is the zone of Valdobbiadene Docg, the Prosecco Superiore. Quiet roads wind through charming villages where wine production is everything... San Floriano, San Pietro di Barbozza, Santo Stefano, Saccol, Guia, Follo. The natural and artistic beauty of the area has led to it being dominated as a UNESCO world heritage site and, if successful, it would be the first wine-growing area in Italy to receive UNESCO recognition.




The remarks of Prof. Diego Tomasi, a viticulturist and friend, summarise this winery’s approach to producing award-winning Extra Dry wines:

‘To obtain the best results from the grapes, the vine must find its perfect functional balance, guaranteed by the agricultural techniques, that supports the natural cycle of the plant without forcing it.  Understanding and defining the environment and the soil and climatic factors is the pivotal point on which Fasol Menin have based their growing techniques.  Each year they fine-tune their process to take account of the vagaries of the season, the condition of the vineyard, and the vine stock.  Their intervention is never sweeping or crude; rather they seek a regular and harmonious development of the vineyard, while fully respecting the environment.’